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The basic curriculum is intended to give students a comprehensive foundation for addressing the natural and built environment challenges emerging from the intensifying impacts of human settlement.  Faculty are dedicated to enabling students from a variety of backgrounds to address their particular concerns beyond the theoretical structure the curriculum provides.  Prior experience or need for additional skills can be taken into account in determining each student’s curriculum path.

Master of Urban Design

ARC 601 Urban Design Studio I 6
ARC 602 Urban Design Studio II 6
ARC 603 Urban Design Studio III 6
ARC 621 Housing, Infrastructure and Transportation 3
ARC 622 Urban Design History and Theory 3
ARC 623 Urban Design Competition 1-3
ARC 690 History of Cities 3
RED 601 Introduction to Real Estate Development and Urbanism 3
RED 640 Charrette Training 1
RED 699 Capstone: Real Estate Development and Urbanism Charrette 1
Elective 3
Total Credit Hours 42-44


Program Curriculum