The New Urbanism

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The New Urbanism is a movement united by the belief that well-designed regions, cities, towns and neighborhoods are a key to community and environmental resilience, and individual health and happiness. Convened to promote the principles and practices of the movement, the Congress for the New Urbanism, enables an interdisciplinary gathering of thought leaders and practitioners to engage the goals and improvement of human settlements.

UMSA’s M.U.D. program, founded in 1988 as the Master of Architecture in Suburb and Town Design, was instrumental in developing the concepts and techniques of the New Urbanism.  M.U.D. program alumni have played an important role in developing the practices of the New Urbanism.  Many have developed significant practices deploying its principles, and have published seminal texts that serve as tools for the movement.  Program alumni have been recognized for the beautiful and successful new and renewed communities that they have designed or developed.

UM students, faculty and alumni maintain connections with colleagues and organizations dedicated to shared goals throughout the world.