Miami and South Florida

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An important part of our learning environment is a dynamic region of international diversity, with a thriving economy, surrounded by a natural environment of great beauty and sensitivity. Students learn first-hand about the opportunities and threats of a sub-tropical coastal environment, about the advantages and challenges of an internationally diverse population in motion, and about an economy that seeks to balance the needs of community residents and the visitors who bring it resources. 

One important aspect of South Florida's built environment is its twentieth century roots.  Relatively young in terms of urban settlement, its history of community founding and building is still fresh.  Five new towns of the 1920’s still inspire by their logic, beauty and value. These include Coral Gables, Miami Beach, Miami Shores, Miami Springs, and Opa-Locka. The School’s first faculty members were the early designers of the city.  

The School’s setting in Coral Gables is an important benefit for studying neighborhoods and commercial centers close to campus. Walkable centers and neighborhoods continue to develop and thrive throughout the region, often with input from the UMSA MUD program studio projects and outreach activities.